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Fernando Pizarro is a Bay Area tech executive, startup advisor and writer.  He is particularly interested in topics related to going to market, or GTM.

Fernando's newest book is a guide to enterprise startups which he wrote in collaboration with Tae Hea Nahm, a partner at Storm Ventures, and Bob Tinker, CEO of MobileIron.

Find out more here:  Survival to Thrival:  Building the Enterprise Startup.

His first book was "Blueprints for a SaaS Sales Organization," which he co-wrote with Jacco Van Der Kooij.  In Blueprints Fernando delved deep into what makes a Software as a Service company sales team tick and provided pragmatic advice for executives in an industry that is changing so fast that old sales models just don't work anymore. Fernando also published "Farm Don't Hunt:  The Definitive Guide to Customer Success," which examines the rise of an entirely new business function to cope with the changes brought on by the recurring revenue model in a digital world.

Fernando grew up the son of diplomats and moved all around the world working for companies like Disney, Discovery, and Yahoo before coming back to the Bay Area.

Find out more about Fernando here:

Speaking and co-authoring inquiries


Survival to Thrival:  Building the Enterprise Startup

Blueprints for SaaS Sales

SaaS changed the world of sales forever.  In this book Jacco Van Der Kooij and I explain how to build and run sales teams in this new world.

Farm, Don't Hunt

As recurring revenue business models have grown, so has the need for modern account management.  With Guy Nirpaz.